Business and soul in alignment

Together, let’s breathe more playfulness and lightness into your business.

You do not have to work too hard and suppress your natural self to be successful. Don’t push the river, let the river flow.

I believe that life is a playground for your soul and business a place for self-expression. Your business is a natural extension of yourself. It is energetically connected to you. Your energy matters. I feel, even in business, it is important to listen to your inner voice and not blindly tread familiar paths that often lead to dead ends.

 I work with self-aware entrepreneurs and leaders who want to take their business to a higher level and create in line with their souls. I am a spiritual business coach and consultant.

I will help you connect to your inner wisdom, to manifest the visions you see in your dreams and give you the courage to make them reality. I build on coaching principles combined with therapeutic insights. I follow my intuition. I love visualization and dance.


What I have helped my clients with? 

  • strengthened business confidence
  • have courage to stop business project that are not aligned with them
  • use the gifts of their soul—their creativity—more efficiently
  • identify and rewrite dysfunctional, subconscious programs that suck out their creative energy
  • remove fears and get out of their comfort zone
  • return joy and playfulness back to life
  • point out hidden relations
  • shine the light in dark places and confront and release the skeletons in the closet
  • see knew possibilities and open up to them
  • allow yourself to follow your heart
  • streamline processes
  • increase revenue and income

Who influenced my journey and who I follow?

Clients and managers in the corporation where I worked as a business consultant and project manager.

Magdaléna Vokáčová introduced me to the secrets of the art of coaching. With her loving attitude, she taught me how to really listen and perceive how my clients feel.

Terezka Rothová was my emotional coach and support at the beginning of my business journey. It was from her that I learned the method of Faster EFT,  which I successfully use to remove mental blocks.

Lenka Lutonska’s approach to marketing and sales opened my eyes to know how work consciously with energy and spirituality in business.

Thanks to Aless Lanzafame, I came to understand that it does not end with mind and emotions but there is also a soul. A soul that was created with certain qualities. This was an important piece of the puzzle that I initially missed working with my clients.

Guy Barrington and his dancing path showed me how to connect my two passions: spiritual growth and dance. I have learned how to see my visions through dance and connect them in 3D reality.

Guy’s motto is:

„If you can dance to it, you can live by it.“


What do I like?

  • Simply be and let things flow

  • Good food and wine

  • Honest conversations with friends

  • Discover new places and get to know new people

  • Learn new things, make more connections

  • Listen to stories

  • Get crazy on the dance floor