Energetic Business Analysis

Are you not getting the desired results in your business?

Do you feel like something is off but you don’t know what it is exactly?

I will help you figure this out with Energetic Business Analysis. We will discover what needs to be done differently in order for your business to bring the amount of money your heart desires.

Our energy is everywhere. Even business projects and companies are energetic entities.

They are, in essence, an extension of yourself. Therefore, not only what you do matters, but also how you do it is important.

By readling from Akashic records, I will help you identify the parts of your business that stand in the way of your financial goals. I will save you time and effort that you would otherwise invest in nonfunctional things or processes.

I will take a look at the 6 areas of your business and find out if they are aligned with your financial intention.

  • You and your co-workers/colleagues
  • Services and products: what, how and for how much
  • clients
  • marketing: form, content and frequency
  • sales: attitude, content and structure
  • business systems: tools and methods

How does it work?


How does it work?

Based on your birth name, date of your birth and the place of your birth, I will read from Akasha the energy of your business and those areas that are calling for change. Akasha is something like a Universal Google, a cosmic repository that holds information about your soul and all that’s related to it, including your business.

During our consultation, we will dive deeper into the parts that are not aligned. No, I will not tell you exactly what to do.

However, I will help you identify where change is needed in your business. It may, for example, be the price of a product or the way of selling it.

You will have an opportunity to ask what you are interested in. We can also brainstorm together. The consultation takes 60 minutes via Zoom.

The price for this service, including 60 min consultation, is 140 EUR.

They said about energetic analysis


At the beginning I gave Silvia some basic information about my job and described my goals to her. Silvia correctly named what worked for me in my business, showed me where the weak points were, and what needed to be worked on.

I recommend working with Silvia strongly. You may confirm what you already knew (and even that is surprisingly strong experience) but maybe you will discover a whole new horizon for yourself and your business.

Šárka Mertová, Coach

Couple words about me

My name is Silvia Soláriková and I am a spiritual business coach. I work with mindful enterpreneurs and leaders who want to move their business to the next level and create in alignment with the essence of their soul.

I will guide you to connect with your inner wisdom, to see the visions you dream of and manifest them into the 3D reality.