Let your soul shine through your business

Fall in love with your wisdom and allow your inner creator a free hand.

You don’t have to search further for meanings and role models in your life. The answers are hidden inside of you.




Energetic coaching

Do you want to take your business to the next level but are holding back out of fear?

I will guide you in connecting to your inner wisdom, to help you make your dreams a reality, and have courage to show them to the world. We will find a way how to grow your business in alignment with your soul.

Are you ready to discover the hidden treasures?

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Energetic business analysis

Are you not getting the desired results in your business? Do you feel like something is off but you don’t know what it is exactly?

I will help you figure this out with Energetic Business Analysis.

We will discover what needs to be done differently in order for your business to bring the amount of money your heart desires.

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Soul essence

Do you want to know you are at soul level and know where is your zone of genious?

I will find what gifts and characteristics lie in your soul through tapping into Akashic records.

Each soul was given a specific energy and qualities when it was created.

I will take a look at yours and see what your superpower – the main gift of your soul – is.

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Energy is the Alpha and Omega of Your Success

I am a spiritual business coach and consultant. My coaching approach combines my personal insights and therapeutic and mentoring help.

I read information about your soul and business in Akashic records, the Universal Google. I will tune in in to your energy and work with you based on your specific needs.

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They said about me


Silvia has an amazing gift to get the right answers from the depths of your soul. She also knows how to guide you through your emotions and get rid of those beliefs that do not serve you.

I will never forget her ability to help you see your inner strength through visualization in the right moment. I am very grateful and happy to have met Silvia and to be coached by her. It really was one of the most important steps on my business and life journey.

Denisa Jaukerová, Time & Energy Management


In each session we have opened new topics and I have had couple AHA moments. We have even come up with some new services I could offer to my clients. Silvia helped me understand where some of my fears came from in my business and step by step we have removed these fears.

The three coaching months with Silvia were a huge breakthrough. I took the courage to get over my comfort zone and it helped me to move forward. I got much more confident in running my business.

Martina Kubecová, Nutrition Coach and Lecturer


Her coaching and our journey that she took me through was very beneficial for me. She shook the ambiguity from my mind and now I am anchored in what truly is “mine”.

I was first very nervous about the online space where the coaching happens, but I can assure everyone it is very comfortable and for me, timewise, very flexible. I am also glad we know each other now personally, because it gives our relationship a whole other dimension.

Veronika Veru Volejníková, Workshop U DUBU

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