Soul Essence

Do you want to know you are at soul level and know where is your zone of genious?

I will find what gifts and characteristics lie in your soul through tapping into Akashic records. Akasha is something like a Universal Google, a cosmic repository that holds information about your soul, who you are, and all that’s related to it.

Each soul was given a specific energy and qualities when it was created. I will take a look at yours and see what your superpower—the main gift of your soul—is.

    When you learn about your superpower, it will help you to:

    • connect to vital energy and the flow of abundance,
    • act in alignment with the essence of your soul,
    • make qualified decisions in your work life and personal life,
    • see your next steps in your working career or business,
    • understand which marketing style fits with you,
    • choose what tasks to delegate and which to keep.

    How does it work?


    How does it work?

    Based on your birth name, date of your birth and the place of your birth, I will connect to your Akashic records and find out 3 maing gift of your soul.

    During our online consultation, I will explain the meaning of your gifts and possible way of using them in your business and personal life. I will take you through a visualization I refer to as, “Meet Your Soul.” You will also have an opportunity to ask what you are interested in. Consultation takes 60 minutes and happens through Zoom.

    Price, including 60 minute consultation, is 130 EUR.

    They said about soul essence


    I have met Silvia as a coach. Later, when I realized she offers reading of the gifts of the soul, I was very interested. I was not sure to expect but I felt like trying.

    Silvia took some basic information and then we have discussed the results in a half an hour session. I was pleasantly surprised how incredible accurate what Silvia told me was and how it all clicked beautifully together.

     Šárka Mertová, Coach

    Energetic coaching showed me ways and possibilities of where to go in my business to be aligned with my soul. I found out about my gifts and how they manifest in reality.

    A proof that it works came today when my VIP client came and I knew it is her. If I did not know the gifts of my soul, I would have never met this client.

    Veronika Pačesová, Social Projects Specialist

    Couple words about me

    My name is Silvia Soláriková and I am a spiritual business coach. I work with mindful enterpreneurs and leaders who want to move their business to the next level and create in alignment with the essence of their soul.

    I will guide you to connect with your inner wisdom, to see the visions you dream of and manifest them into the 3D reality.